Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Coming of the Paraclete

I was really confused on publishing my article about the May riot. I’ve put all my worries into prayer.

And today’s reading is John 16 The coming of the Paraclete.
I was really attracted to the phrase: “ And when he comes, he will show the world how wrong it was, about sin, and about who was in the right, and about judgement:…”

The mission today is to realize my human capacity and let the Holy Spirit works in me. I should write all my weakness and give it as my offering to God.
I translate that as an obligation to write all my thoughts even if I am scared of the consequences. I should present it to Him as my offering. Let Him guide me with the Holy Spirit. Let Him protect me with His love.

Dear God,
You’ve shown me that You wants me to work with my pen,
Yet I feared things that might not be real,
I was worried with things that You alone could provide me,
Help me God, please hold my hands…
Give me strength and wisdom to know Your will,
And to work to glorify Thy Name.

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