Sunday, May 27, 2007

A Birthday Prayer

Dear God,
Thanks for all the blessings through all the years.
Thanks for the chance to see the world in this new episode of life.
Thanks for all the experiences awaiting me in the future.
Thanks for the Holy Spirit which guided me through my past and to the future.
Thanks for the strength and patience through all the obstacles of life.

I’d like to pray for all my friends.
Those who are still here with me…
And those who passed this world to be closer to You.
Let our spirits be free to adore You.

My thoughts are also towards my country,
We need Your blessings to reach the enlightenment,
To help our leaders to think about all their peoples,
To try their best to unite and build the nation.

I know it is Your time and not mine that will count,
I know that sometimes Your way seemed difficult to cope with,
But I believe in Your goodness that leads us to a brighter life.

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