Monday, May 21, 2007

Do not be Desperate!

Life sometimes seemed so difficult to live in, the only way to see it was desperation. I heard the crying for help from Porong. I heard the same cries from Papua…What can I do? Nothing!

Ony Suryaman wrote in his blog that Religion is a higher authority. I do think religion is only the way to lead us to God, the Alpha and Omega. But may be he is right, we are seeking for a higher authority so we could ask our reward, we could ask Him to do our revenge. We do say that He will punish the wrongdoers.

I took God as my conscience. He resided in me. But He is also far out beyond me. He gives me hopes during all my miseries. He gives hopes for my desperation. When I was worried about the future of my country I offered all my worries to Him.

Desperation is something that kills your creativity. It could also kill your spirit to live the life on.

Dear God,
Today I am going to stand up and fight the problems of life together with You and all my fellow human beings. Please help us to be strong and patient. Help us to be able to take the right decision in making our steps. Help us to build our families, to build our country, and to build the world to glorify Thy name.

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