Thursday, March 08, 2007

God is Your Priority in Life!

Today we are reading Luke 16: 19 - 31. I did read on my own John 11: 17 - 44. A friend came up with I Corinthians 10: 13.

We need to set up a priority in life, if we do believe that we put our priority in God's hand so the word "RICH" will have a special meaning!

Rich in life is not only about money...but the content of our heart, the reward will not always come in this life, maybe afterward!

What is God's will? In Indonesian language we are familiar with "takdir", but looking through John 11 I'll say we could change our destiny if we do pray a lot (as long as it is still in His way!).
Judas is somebody close to what puzzled me in the word "destiny", but as I realized that he took the option himself, he did regret his action but he didn't come back for His forgiveness...instead he made another sin...suicide!

I Corinthians said that He will not give us a problem (burden) that we could not cope with, evenmore He is always there to help us! That's really true...
I've been in a situation that I felt I could not survive it, but with Him (and Mother Mary) I could rejoice in my misery...strange but true!

Thanks God, for helping me through all my pathway in this world. I know You are always there, although sometimes I felt that You didn't answer my call. Yet, when I fell down You did pick me up! Thank you for accompanying me! Amen.

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