Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Power of God Is Beyond All Humanly Power

Today the reading is Mark 3: 20-30. But I also found Matthew 12:32 as something challenging.

Jesus did all the miracles in the name of God, not of the Devil! But sometimes we do challenge God to prove Himself as God...this action is not the fruit of faith! It only revealed our inconsistency toward His Power. He is the Almighty, but we chanllenge Him to do our will.

Why Matthew 12:32 is challenging for me? Because I thought I found the answer to other religions. Eventhough others did not acknowledge Jesus, but as long as they keep their respect and adoration to the Holy Spirit (God Himself) their spirit will also be freed. This was my meditation, I do not know if it is true or wrong...but for today this is what I've got! My friends took it as challenging too as we sometimes came from different background of family, different tradition and sometimes also from different religion. To respect other beliefs but to keep ourselves in our faith sometimes made us confused (like the Khong Hu Chu's tradition of praying for the death or to the to keep it only tradition, or should we feel wrong in doing all the ceremonies). For me, doing the ceremonies is just my way to respect the people alive who would like to keep the tradition. So, all my prayers address to God, only God! Keeping a good relationship with families and friends is basically a translation of God's love.

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